Tracktivity digital ticketing service is a "concierge" style service - providing for a completely hassle-free experience
  • We manage your event information and ticket structure in Tracktivity up to date as a free service
  • You get a dedicated Tracktivity Regional Coordinator assigned to your venue
  • You just inform your Regional Coordinator about which events you want to activate or deactivate for ticketing and the changes are reflected in Tracktivity within seconds


  • You can sell your tickets through Tracktivity iOS and Android apps, as well as from your Facebook or Twitter accounts - or even e-mail
  • Super easy and seamless ticket buying experience for your visitors
  • There is no upfront investment required, no monthly fee, no setup fee, we don't require exclusivity. You can use the service whenever you want for whichever events you want
  • You can inform your visitors about short notice event changes, cancellations, rain-outs, ec. via Race Control feature which is fully integrated into Tracktivity
  • All you need to scan tickets is an iOS device with a camera (iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch), no dedicated scanning (and expensive) equipment required
  • If you need to, you can refund your visitors with just a mouse click
  • Robust security and encryption in place, providing for a secure transfer of funds after each transaction directly to your merchant account

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