A working iOS device (iPhone, iPad or iPod), loaded with Tracktivity Venue mobile app is required for ticket scanning. Tracktivity Venue is a free download from the Apple Appstore.

The newer the iOS device, the better as newer devices have dramatically better cameras, allowing for much faster scanning times. Tracktivity Venue requires the device to run on iOS 8.3 and higher.

Only users authorized by the venue can scan event tickets. The staff member has to login to the app with his/hers Tracktivity credentials. The app will determine if he/she has been authorized by the venue to scan the respective tickets and they are good to go. Scanning a ticket only requires pointing the camera at the barcode. A ticket is typically scanned in under 1 second.

Download Apple Venue

Tracktivity Venue

Here is a video of the scanning process

Scanning Tickets from Tracktivity on Vimeo.