There are many reasons but, in our opinion, the most important are:

  • Going digital enables you to sell tickets well in advance of the event which means you are able to sell tickets over a longer period of time and that means you are going to sell more tickets. This is a statistically proven fact.
  • Going digital gives you many more channels to the market. Your fans can buy tickets anytime and anywhere, using their mobile devices or computers.
  • With a digital ticketing system you get 24/7 access to your sales data. This lets you adjust your sales strategy anytime. You can decide if it’s time for that “early bird special” or any other discount, and all available tickets, though all sales channels are updated instantly.
  • Going digital helps you reduce lines at the venue on the day of event. Your visitors already have tickets when they reach the venue, they get scanned at the gate and are in.
  • Going digital means you can eliminate costs associated with printing, shipping and disposing of paper tickets. While visitors can still print their tickets at home, you move that responsibility (and cost) to them
  • Going digital means you can sell tickets directly to your visitors - eliminating ticket agents either at your venue or at other points of sale
  • All transactions are credit card based meaning you eliminate the issues and costs related to handling of cash at the venue